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Whose stupid idea was this….?

So a while ago it seemed like a good idea to take the AS papers along with the students and another colleague.  

‘A bit of friendly competition’ we said, and offered bragging rights to the person with the highest score.  

Well now my C1 exam is in a couple of days, and I am yet to get 100% on a past paper.   I keep making really stupid mistakes (like forgetting to find the y intercept on a graph as well as the x intercepts, or reading > as < ).  

There is a real danger that I (the teacher and HoD) may be beaten by either a student or a colleague (never taught A-level).

This is bad.  

I will then only have 3 days to prepare for Core 2.  Along with getting Y11 ready for exams, teaching, and managing a currently somewhat dysfunctional department.  

This is really bad.