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Me and the munchkin

I’m a maths teacher by day, but at various stages I have also been (or still am) a wife, a mum, a website designer, a computer programmer, a karate instructor, a singer, Batman, a cake designer, an expert on Peppa Pig & Dora the Explorer, and a Twitter addict.*

I created as a place where I could store all the resources I’d made in Flash, and where they could be accessed by both me, and other teachers/students etc.  It kind of snowballed, and now gets over 3000 unique visitors a month!

The nicest moment was when I was talking to someone about it, and their child piped up with “We use that at school!”  😀

I believe very strongly that, as teachers, we spend WAY too much time reinventing the wheel, creating resources that already exist in some form.  I hope to be able to use this blog (and the site) to share some ideas for the classroom, along with any resources.

I will share with you my successes, and sometimes even my failures (I think we learn even more from those sometimes), and hope you will be kind… 😉

*one of these may be slightly untrue….


2 responses to “A bit about me…

  1. Anne says:


    Somehow the system in my school won’t let me some of your marvellous resources. I have just started teaching Y7 Maths and finding it very different to what I was used to and I am Learning Support/geographer really.

    I thought that your Y7 booklets and learning logs were fab, alas unreadable here in school. Managed to have a look on the iPad and will try to download tonight on own laptop.

    Could you perhaps email them?

    many thanks for a brilliant blog

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