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18/3/16 POTW

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Up to a C grade revision passport

Hi again,

It occurred to me that it might be sensible to actually talk properly about these, rather than mentioning them offhand in the middle of my ramblings (last post).

I have built on the old APP booklets, and combined them with a passport idea that I’d started last year, and that Miss B of has done recently.

The result is a ‘passport’ that covers E up to C grade topics, with a link and QR code (mostly to CorbettMaths) for a video teaching each topic, as well as a link and QR code to a booklet of GCSE questions about that topic for practice.    There is also an exam question for each skill, which will allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the skill so that it can be stamped as complete. (the new one) is also referenced, as it is free for students.  

I’m happy to bribe my students, so the one with the most stamps will get top prize (I may even make that 20 quid in vouchers!) etc….

The result is that I’m using them in class at the moment to begin the revision process, and have already ‘stamped off’ topics they’ve completed on the new, or have got full marks on in the mock, or have shown me they can do in class.  This means that none of them have the excuse of ‘not knowing where to start or what to do’ when revising, and I can keep a really close eye on what revision they are doing in the final few weeks before their exams.   They are actually really keen to get new stamps, and are able to work independently on topics they actually NEED, whether in class, at home, or in intervention time.

Once I’ve created a spreadsheet to record which topics have been stamped off for which students, I’ll add it here too.   The booklets should print perfectly well as A5, although I’ve gone with A4.

It will allow me to plan mini-lessons within class time, while anyone with that topic already completed can work independently either in their books, on their own iPads, or on our dept chromebooks (using the QR or shortlinks hopefully!).  It also means I should have more time to spend with individual students – I’m lucky to have a class of 16 – on topics they need one-to-one time on.

I hope you find them useful, since by next year they’ll be defunct, so please make the most of them so that all the hours spent making them have been worthwhile!!!! 🙂

Revision_passport_up_to_C  << download here

Less than 8 weeks to go!!!!!   :O


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So last weekend, I went to Mathsconf6.  I met Mr Corbett of CorbettMaths, and Mr Reddy of TT Rockstars, and Mr Emeny of Numeracy Ninjas.  A couple of months ago, I also met Mr Hegarty of Hegarty Maths.  It felt almost like I’d met actual maths celebrities – people were geeking out over having met them (as was I….), and rightly so!  These legends of maths education have given us so much to support our students in not only succeeding in maths, but enjoying it in the process, that it’s completely understandable that we’d have a case of hero worship.

It made me go away thinking ‘why not me?’.  They also have responsibilities, both within school and at home to take up their time, but still manage to create such amazing resources.

Once I’d got over myself, I thought it’d be useful to just summarise what I’ve managed to put out there myself.  If nothing else, there’ve been a couple of things I’ve been reminded of over the last month or two that I’d forgotten I’d done! – games, puzzles, and teacher tools.  There are tools to help you find what grade / levels topics are (although I guess I’m going to have to change them all next year!), and adaptable basic skills starters, and interactive tools to investigate outcomes of rolling 2 dice, factors etc….

Puzzle of the week – all archived on here.  These have been running for a few years now, and get tweeted out each week for use in lessons / form time etc.

APP guides / revision checklist  – I’ve posted the original version of these before, but have just finished updating these for my Y11 C/D borderine class this year.  They now contain links and QR codes for each topic, one to a revision video (mostly Corbett Maths), one to practice questions.  I’ve also added where to find each topic on the new HegartyMaths (which my students LOVE!), and there’s an exam question to be answered on each topic before it can be stamped as complete.   I have done a similar thing before, but was inspired to update these after the lovely Miss B of shared her passports at mathsconf6.    It’s only for students aiming for a C though – download here: Revision_passport_up_to_C. It should print nicely as an A5 booklet.

@MathsTopTips – daily tweets with a maths tip, aimed at revising students.

C-Grade revision booklets – I collated a load of C grade questions into booklets, sorted by Number, Algebra, SSM and HD.   They still seem to be very popular! GCSE C-grade revision booklets

The 5 minute maths plan – Adapted from the marvellous @teachertoolkit specifically for maths.  The 5 minute Maths Plan

The Little Book of Emergency Maths Lessons – available on iTunes. The Little Book of Emergency Maths Lessons

Rich tasks book – collected from lots of great tweachers, and put into a book here: Rich tasks, or being ‘less helpful’. *Updated 6/5

SOLO taxonomy explained using lego – a video for explaining SOLO to students SOLO taxonomy explained using Lego

Y11 countdown calendar – to make it REALLY clear how little time they have left! Countdown_calendar_2016

This was partly just to make me feel more useful, but mostly because all these things involved a lot of work, and it would be a shame for them to get buried in the archives 😉

Hope you find some of these useful, and thanks for bearing with my ramblings!


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11/3/16 POTW

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4/3/16 POTW

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