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SOLO taxonomy explained using Lego

The title pretty much says it all….


Help, I have Yr 11 non-intervention students doing ‘extra’ maths….

After a tremendously restful summer (I fear I am going to be rest-free soon…) I am cracking on with the process of becoming a new HoD.

My first dilemma was what to do with these ‘extra’ lessons.   After playing around with the idea of doing FSMQ or iGCSE or some other acronym, I had a lightbulb moment 🙂

During the various ‘extra’ lessons, those Yr 11’s will be creating a bank of video presentations on different topics in maths.  They will be choosing from a list of possible topics themselves, and will have time to choose their method of presentation, and prepare and record until they are happy with the final product.

The videos will then be peer reviewed, allowing time for feedback and error-checking.

The videos will be put on either the VLE or on a youTube channel, meaning we have a bank of ‘how-to’ videos, by students, for students.

The advantages to this are:

1.  No planning/marking required of the teachers, just supervision and occasional input.

2.  These are not ‘more maths lessons’ for the students, it’s something different.

3.  It fits with our Media Arts specialism, and they will be able to use various media for their presentations.

4.  We will then have a bank of videos that students can use either pre or post lessons on topics, either to pre-inform, or clear up any confusion, or revise those topics, which should help come ‘revision time’.

5.  The work produced will be in the semi-public domain, so there will be a sense of both ownership and responsibility for the finished product.  This will hopefully mean we don’t get the usual half-hearted attempts made by groups who couldn’t be arsed!

6.  The process of making the videos should mean that they are consolidating their own understanding of each topic, and hopefully stretching it so that they can fully explain it to others.

Possible extensions:

– teach your topic to another class (peers or younger) as a lesson.

– write a worksheet / lesson plan for a teacher to teach your topic to another class.

I will be starting them off by showing them this:

and then asking them to evaluate each one / a selection for various criteria such as a) mathsiness b) entertainment value c) boredom factor d) usefulness for revision/teaching the topic

I’ll let you know how it goes!