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Going boldly….

on July 17, 2014

I have been a busy girl.
Since Y11 left, I’ve been creating a new scheme of work.
It’s based on the new specification, and specifically on the stages suggested by Kangaroo Maths.
It’s also got elements of mastery, AfL, APP, Flipped Learning, TEEP and PLC’s.

I’ve decided to make everything accessible to everyone. This means that we can share useful stuff (and I can support my newbies next year), and that not everyone needs to reinvent the wheel.
To that end, I’ve made to put all of it on.

It will have a student section, to provide them with useful links to support self-learning and practice.

It will have a teacher section, where I will add links to nifty worksheets or activities I’ve made (or more likely found online!).

It will have a ‘passport’ per grade, where students can see what they have to be able to do to earn one, two or three stars per topic (success criteria), and can create their own Personal Learning Checklist (PLC) of things they didn’t quite get yet.  On each passport page, it shows the three stars, the ‘why learn this stuff’ bit, and the ‘what will we do next with this stuff’.  It also links to MathsWatch clips, and a QR code takes you to the everythingmaths site.  

It will have an evidence booklet for each grade, where students can answer questions to ‘prove’ they have achieved the level of understanding needed for each star.

It will eventually have a linked homework booklet with matching tasks too (but I’ll probably build that over the year).

All the materials will be added to the teacher section as I finish them, so anyone can use them.

I’m not promising it’s perfect, but it’s free (and I’m pretty chuffed with it).

I’ll add both the word and pdf version of each document, so that you can edit if you want, but there’s no school branding etc.  

Each grade’s passport is designed to last roughly a year, but you can take longer, or whizz through faster if your students need to.  There’s an obvious progression to target grades, but students can also take away the next booklet to get a headstart on working independently (or can simply use the booklets online).  It’s also loosely grouped into terms 1, 2 and 3. 

Hopefully, it will save some people a lot of work. 



3 responses to “Going boldly….

  1. This sounds amazing! Is the website live yet?

    Inspired by your effort!

  2. Henry says:

    Sounds amazing. Definitely a point of reference. Well done

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