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GCSE C-grade revision booklets

on May 20, 2013

Hi all, I shall probably keep adding to this stuff, but for now, here are the booklets of C-grade questions I collated for GCSE students.

I’ve also added the ‘Maths Bingo’ sheet – this is the ‘things I need to tick off with the key topics from each area’ sheet that we gave Y11’s recently. It was designed with ‘last-minute prep’ in mind, so is not comprehensive, but we chose the topics we thought were most likely to come up.







7 responses to “GCSE C-grade revision booklets

  1. James Willmott says:

    Excellent. Thanks for uploading!

  2. zarghum says:

    Hi do you have a grade B one

    • Sorry – only did the C grade ones – if you just want a load of harder questions to practice with, try some of the old Higher papers (from back when they were Higher, Intermediate and Foundation). We have used those with our B+ students, as they are that bit harder than the more recent Higher past papers all the way through.

  3. Elizabeth Pape says:

    Could i please have the answers to the grade C revision booklets you have put together?

  4. […] C-Grade revision booklets – I collated a load of C grade questions into booklets, sorted by Number, Algebra, SSM and HD.   They still seem to be very popular! GCSE C-grade revision booklets […]

  5. gbaylis8 says:

    Perfect Thank you!!

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