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on April 22, 2013

(Schizophrenia could be quite helpful right now.  I could have each personality doing a different task, and I might just get everything done….)

1.  Y11.  We now have 98 students who have already passed their GCSE.  This has created a logistical challenge, in that we have to figure out who goes where during ‘maths’ lessons.   I’ve been lucky in that we have had a (non-maths) member of staff on what I presume is a phased return to work, who has taken on the supervision classes (those that have finished), which has freed up a maths teacher on each year half.  I’m using spare staff to tutor individual students during lesson time, and during intervention lesson time.   I have one teacher doing the bottom few students in the year, who got a U on the March paper, and need a bit more intensive work to get them up to speed.  I have others taking out students  for anything from one lesson to four lessons to tutor them to get their C grade.   I’ve targetted students who stand a chance of getting C’s, and ought to, but have also started with those on a low D who are unlikely to make it to C (but there’s a chance….).  This way, any gains in confidence, which are a large part of the aims of this, will be taken into their last few weeks of lessons.    Fingers crossed that it all pays off – the students have certainly responded very positively to this approach.  

I have also created a ‘bingo card’ for Y11’s aiming for C’s.  Their aim is to cross of as mahny topics as possible from our list of key topics in the time they have left.  To go with this, there is also a past paper booklet of C grade questions, arranged by overall topic (HD, Number, Algebra, SSM).

2.  TeachMeets.   I’ve done the TeachMeet Maths now, and am in the process of supporting a colleague in organising TeachMeet EAL.   I’m also hoping to encourage another colleague to run TeachMeet Literacy….   Finally, I’m presenting at an NQT TeachMeet on Thursday about why it’s important to get yourself connected as a teacher. 

3.  Outdoor learning.  The lovely men turned up today to start putting down our 1-100 grid, our -10 to 10 numberline, our 0-20m measuring line (long jump / scale etc), and our world map.   I’m VERY excited to see what it’s all going to look like, and to see people using it in lessons!

4. INSET.   I’ve just run another course on Twitter as CPD for staff, so I imagine there will be plenty of questions from people over the next few days/weeks as they get started.   I am waiting on responses from staff before I can sort out this term’s staff enrichment calendar – I fear everyone is as busy as I am!

5. Y7.  Lots of planning, ready for next year.  I’m working through the logistics of giving Y7 a little more flexibility in terms of the timing of topics next year, to allow them to build confidence before moving on. 

6.  Of***d are due this term. 

7. I will soon be asked to create the dept timetable for next year, which will be first for me.  I like a challenge though 😉


On top of all of this, I’ve been having a wonderful time with my choir (yes, I’m that Rock ‘n Roll…!) We went on tour to Italy at Easter, and sang in Siena Cathedral, which was amazing.  We’ve then followed that by doing a concert with the Grimethorpe Colliery Band this weekend (from Brassed Off, and the Olympic opening ceremony….), which was also pretty chuffing epic.   It’s great that I have something so very great to do in my ‘me’ time.  

On the not-so-plus side, Italy was full of yummy bread, pasta, desserts, beer and wine.  The Wii fit tells me that Italy is not my friend.  I’m therefore doing ADF, which can sometimes be a challenge.  The upside to being so busy is that I don’t have time to notice I haven’t had lunch!  

Through all the craziness though, I am still loving my job, and it’s been really amazing to see students get their C grade who never thought they would.  We’ve had parents phoning to speak to Maths teachers, just to thank them.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  🙂


5 responses to “Multitasking…

  1. David Wees says:

    Just a minor point: Schizophrenia is not the same as multiple personality disorder. See

    It sounds pretty crazy though. Our school is the same way this time of year.

  2. James Willmott says:

    Hi Emily, Love the blog, just found it via reflective maths blog. Am wondering (as someone who is putting together a revision booklet full of grade c materials arranged by topic) whether there’s any chance of getting a copy of the revision booklet you mentioned?

    • It was a cut-and-stick job (for all 4 booklets)…
      I’ll try to remember to scan the masters tomorrow for you.
      I’ve done one for Data, one for Algebra, one for SSM and one for Number.
      No answers, as they are a mishmash of different papers, but they should really be marked by a teacher anyway to give meaningful feedback, so that shouldn’t matter.
      I’ll try to get them uploaded tomorrow evening, if all goes to plan 😉

      • James Willmott says:

        Please don’t do it unless you were doing so anyway – sounds like you have enough going on already!

      • Got a bit distracted today – will add it to the list for Monday. Not much help with exams looming I know, but it is something I’ve been meaning to do anyway….!

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