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One week more….

on February 3, 2013

Well.  Last week sucked.  Not all of it, but certainly the first part.  Various staff issues + being pushed by a student + his mother taking his word over mine = SUCKY.

Luckily, I have some great friends at work who have kept me sane, and some of them took me out to BETT on Thursday.  Not only was it great for my sanity to have an enforced day ‘off’, but I found some useful ideas there (and a pink visualiser for £30!)   It also meant that, in time-honoured tradition, a bunch of teachers sat around and set the world/school to rights over good food and wine that evening.  I always enjoy those conversations 🙂

Friday was thankfully a much better day.  The lights in the corridors are motion activated, and go off after around 30 minutes without activity.  This has never happened (that I have seen) during a school day, until Friday.  During period 1, with Y10 and Y7 lessons going on, the lights went off. 

This means no students out of lessons, going to the toilet, getting sent out, messing around in the corridors when they should be in lesson, nothing.   It was practically a miracle.   

The moral of the week:  It’s the little things that make it all better!   (Also, wine helps.  Chocolate too.)

This coming week, I will mostly be doing analysis of our latest data capture, to see what progress we are making, and also finalising next half terms staff enrichment program. 

I am setting this up as classes/ courses by staff for staff.

We are doing Maths GCSE for support staff, Photography, French, Polish, various sports, and a staff book club to start with.  There may be more next half term.   I’m quite excited! 

Oh, and also the school production of Les Mis is this week. It’s my favourite musical ever, and I know pretty much every word.  I shall try to restrain myself from singing along.  Those of you ‘in the know’ may have spotted the tenuous link in my title…


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