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Busy, busy…..!

on December 9, 2012

My latest project(s) are:

 – I have organised one of our staff INSET sessions – we have a disaggregated day, so several afterschool Monday sessions.  The next one is tomorrow, and I’m running it as a TeachMeet.  I offered to set this up, and SLT said yes, so I got cracking before they could change their minds!

I set up a google form (from google docs) for staff to complete with their name, time to talk for (1,2 or 3 mins), a choice of 4 topics linked to our school priorities, and a space to give me a title so I have a vague idea of what they are going to talk about.  Around half the staff managed to do this on time, which made my plan to split them into 5 groups with a mixture of topics a little trickier, but I’ve done it anyway.  I found 4 ‘volunteers’ to be in charge of the random name generator that will tell us who is to speak next, and will also find some kind of silly noise  to play when time is up for each person.   

The reaction has been mixed – lots of enthusiasm from some staff, who can see the potential in being able to share ideas during CPD rather than just listening to someone for an hour…  Serious reluctance from some staff, who don’t feel they have anything to share(?!) or don’t want to talk in front of others (groups of about 20 staff).  I’m hoping that the response tomorrow will be good, and have ensured there is someone senior enough in each group that dissenters will be discouraged.

Everyone will be expected to share, from UQT to SLT.  

I’m VERY excited about it!!

I plan to add a list of who spoke about what to the VLE so that people from other groups can look and see if there’s anything they want to ask about.   I have also asked that Subject Leaders build in time this week in subject meetings to share as a team what things everyone found useful, as they will have been in a mix of groups.  

 – I am going into the SLT meeting on Tuesday to talk to them about the power of Twitter as CPD.  I have set up a mentormob playlist that takes them through from the Why to the How of Twitter here:  

 – I have been the helpful fairy at work this week.  There are a couple of people on my team who are clearly not well, and need to have a couple of days rest and recovery, and possibly a doctors visit, who are too stubborn to take the time off.  I bossed one into doing it, and the other has been off ill, but tried to come back with an eye and throat infection.  I not only sent her packing off home again, I also sat and marked her Yr 10’s tests while mine did their test.  I didn’t want her to come back to a massive pile of marking, as that wouldn’t help!   

Finally, I overheard one of my team (who happens to be the Principal) telling someone she couldn’t watch her grandson do his Christmas show (which was being done in our hall) as she had to teach.  I offered to cover her lesson, as I was free.  She declined, ‘No, no, I really can’t ask you to do that….’.  I waited till she’d gone upstairs into a maths room, and then informed her very nicely that up here, am her line manager, and she was going, like it or not.  🙂 

I think it’s really important to remember that we are not just teachers, but people with families.  Our families should never have to be neglected for our jobs, however important our jobs theoretically are.    If we all look out for each other, it makes work a happy place to be.

After all, ’tis the season to spread joy to the world!



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