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Learning Spies

on November 18, 2012

Quick one today – over the next two weeks, I have tasked my department with becoming ‘learning spies’. Their mission? To wander round each other’s lessons at some point, and report back to me three things they have seen that are good.
The idea is to get us collaborating more, and sharing good practice more often than just in the department meetings. I also want a list of things we do well as a dept for when the big ‘O’ visit, and it means I’ll get a more representative list of things than if I went in as HoD, as that tends to change people’s behaviour!

Eventually, I hope to get them to agree a time to visit each other (just for a short period) and then feed back at least two things they want to share/steal from the lesson, and something that could have been done differently (What Went Well and Even Better If, if you like that sort of thing…). It wouldn’t be official, just supportive as a dept. If everyone did it, maybe in small groups, you’d get two or three positives back from each person, and one suggestion. It would hopefully boost confidence, share good practice, and help us all to develop our teaching, without it being a scary observation that’s all official and terrifying.

To start with though, positives only. Egos are fragile things, and we’ll need to build up to a point where people feel confident enough to give and take constructive criticism from each other.


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