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Revision Tips the easy way?

on June 5, 2012

Bolt of inspiration this morning!

Bit of background first – I’ve been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks due to being insanely busy.  In the time since my last post, I’ve been appointed as HoD for a low-attaining school, meaning I’ve got a million ideas for what I want to do there, and not enough information yet as to whether I can….

One of the main plans is to look at the intervention in place for Y11 to try to get results up short-term, (while putting in place plans for Y7,8,9 to bring longer term gains).

My moment of inspiration this morning was very simple.  We need to get students revising sooner.  They need to be working smarter across the whole of Y11, not just waiting till exams are looming.  The way to do this?  Reminders.  Constant ones.  Via Twitter and Facebook (where they spend half their lives anyway).

It seemed a daunting prospect.  Creating revision tips less than 140 characters…?  Writing them all myself??

Better plan #1:  Get other staff at school to collaborate.

Better plan #2:  Get students to write their own tips, as part of a project or otherwise (we are a Media Arts school….)

Best plan:  Some combination of the above, and ALSO get fellow Tweachers (Twitter teachers) to collaborate, so that the idea can be shared across schools.

The final (ish) plan:  Set up a google doc where people can go on and add their own tips for revision/exam success.  They can be short and to the point/long and detailed, regular/one-off, subject-specific/general.

Each school will need at least one person to take charge of the project, and ideally they should set up a blog/VLE page as a basis for keeping all this on, and a school Twitter account and FB PAGE (not profile).  Each week or however often you like, you’d choose a post from the google doc or write your own, and copy it to your school’s page.  Tweet/post a link out (can also be done on an email opt-in basis for those without social networking) and it will appear in students’ lives as if by magic.  There are even instructions on how to schedule the tweets in advance (less hassle, do a load at once then they’ll be sent out one at a time) AND even getting it to update FB for you when you tweet.

The advantages to doing it on an individual school basis are that you can personalise it, and add details of revision workshops etc and exact exam dates.  You can also on most mediums look at the visiting traffic, and see what kind of interest you are getting from students.   Maybe it won’t be all, or even most, but the ones that opt in (they’d have to choose to follow/fan you) would be getting useful suggestions and tips all year.

The link for the google doc is here ( and I look forward to seeing what we come up with!!




3 responses to “Revision Tips the easy way?

  1. Dave Gale says:

    Awesome idea Emily.
    I’ve added a few to the Google Doc.


  2. Great idea Dave, I’d love to see the GDoc but doesn’t seem to be working for me. Hoping to give this a go before end of term.

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