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One small step…

on May 21, 2012

Over the last term I have been setting up two projects. The first project involves getting students to think about how much exercise they do each day without realising it. The second project is a parent-child cookery course.

I applied for funding from the local obesity strategy group run by the NHS, and they have generously given me £1200 to set them up.

Last week, I found the perfect pedometers for the first project. The project involves getting students to wear a pedometer for a week, then adding up the cumulative total distance walked. We hope to have a distance of at least 6790 miles, which is the circumference of the moon. Hence the title, One Small Step… 🙂
The pedometers I found are credit card shaped, which means they are not as ‘obvious’ and can be carried in pockets, rather than worn on belts. It also means they don’thave buttons that can be pushed either by accident ( or on purpose by other students!) which would reset the pedometer total.
The other bonus to these pedometers is that they also have a body fat analyser on them. (The downside was that the instructions were in French and German. This made figuring out some of the more complicated functions somewhat tricky!)

I spent £300 in total on 78 pedometers, which means we have a couple of class sets for use within PE or science, as well as in maths lessons in future.
All students in year 7,8 and 9 (along with their tutors) will wear a pedometer for a week. I will collect all the pedometers at the end of each week and enter the totals on a spreadsheet. I have a couple of prizes lined up from the local leisure centre for students who make a particularly good contribution to the total (although I shan’t publicise that, in case it encourages cheating!)

I hope to find several businesses through various community links who will sponsor the school to hit the suggested total. Any money raised will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital.
(Any readers with links to businesses who might be willing to sponsor us, I would love you forever!)

I plan to have a ceremony at the end, complete with giant cheques, where we present the money raised to someone from the charity. I will also ensure there is plenty of publicity involved for companies involved and for the school. 😉

The second project is more of a long term thing, as I am relying on our catering manager to do a lot of the planning and actual running of the event, and due to various things, she can’t do so until September. We have managed to meet with someone from the obesity strategy group to brainstorm lots of fantastic ideas though. I’m very excited about how it’s going to turn out!

Now I just have to start begging companies to sponsor us, and set a date for the project to begin… 😀


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