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The plan for Yr12/13…

on May 19, 2012


Well, it’s been a bit frantic the last couple of weeks in the run-up to the Core 2 and FP1 exams, but they are now done, and I can start to think properly about the plan for next year.

I have spent countless hours with Yr12 over the last couple of week, as (in a fit of boundless enthusiasm…) I offered to give 50 min long ‘supervisions’ to each of my Core and Further students (18 in total…) on a sign-up basis so they would get some individual attention.  This was in addition to the 2 lunches a week I offer Yr12 Core, and the 2 after-schools for Further in the weeks running up to the FP1 exam.  I’m shattered, but hopefully it will have had a big impact on their grades, so will be worth every minute 🙂

I have spent quite a bit of time reading up on ‘flipping with Kirch‘ and how she has been flipping her classes this year.  I have been particularly inspired by the WSQ part of her method, which involves the students Watching the video she has made on the concept they are learning, and then having to Summarise it through guided questions.  They then have to come up with a Question to bring to class and discuss.    I think I’m going to take a lot of what she has done and try it out with Yr12/13 next year.

The process is currently complicated a little by the fact that I don’t know my teaching groups for next year…

The plan:

I found a link on Twitter this morning from @ICTEvangelist, with this little gem:  The-Little-Book-of-Superb-ICT-to-enhance-Teaching-and-Learning-in-the-C21-classroom

It talked about a web 2.0 tool that I’ve heard mentioned before, but never really seen the point of for my teaching.  I do now.   The tool is called popplet, and it creates mind maps in which you can link content, write, draw, embed youTube videos, and add pictures.    I have been playing today, and I think it’s the ideal tool for keeping my content in one place for when I start flipping my Yr12/13 teaching properly.    Here is a popplet I’ve created for Core 2 – still a work in progress, but you get the idea.

I plan to share this somehow, possibly edmodo, possibly not, with the students so that they have access to the whole module in advance, and can work ahead, or can find extra resources for a topic they struggled on etc.   I will then create a schedule for them with the topic list on, so that they know what topics they are expected to have watched for when.   They can also simply go to my youTube playlist here and find the appropriate topic to watch – the popplet is more for an overview and a place to keep extra resources.  I have put the individual pages of the numpty guides I made in here too, attached to the appropriate topic.

I’m also planning to pinch Crystal Kirch’s idea about making students phone home themselves to explain why they didn’t watch the video on time…

I hope that it will mean that those students who got a little left behind this year, as they were not as quick to pick stuff up, (and were not willing to come and see me for help at lunchtimes,) will be able to take their time learning the concept beforehand at their own pace, so that they can ask all their questions in lesson time, and keep up.

Lots of exciting plans, now I just need to find time to do it all!!


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