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Flipping Y12 Further Maths

on April 28, 2012

We have reached that time of the year where panic kicks in. There are only three weeks until the Further Pure 1 exam, and we are still working on the last couple of chapters.

I decided to try to maximise our class time by setting pre-homework. I’ve read about ‘the flipped classroom’, but it’s not something I’ve felt my classes were ready for yet. We have no VLE at the moment, so there is nowhere online I can leave work for them. After an attempt with emailing, I decided I needed a better plan.

I signed up to, and set up a group for them. I then emailed out the group code, and asked them to sign up. On Edmodo, I have put all the links to revision sites I can find for each topic, a picture of the useful pages in the formula book that they will be given in the exam (useful to know what you don’t need to remember!) and an assignment for the next lesson.

Last week, I set them a couple of videos on the topic of hyperbolas, parabolas and ellipses. There were a couple of random pages, but it was mostly from khan academy.

Khan academy is a site set up so that anyone, anywhere can have access to lessons on all sorts of topics. It seems to cover pretty much everything in maths that I need it to!

The students had to watch the videos before the lesson on Friday, so that they had a head-start on the topic, if nothing else. It then meant that they could get cracking on the work straight away, and I was able to give immediate individual help to those that still needed it, while those that felt confident could make a start, and ask if they got stuck.

They all agree that the videos are useful (although some were more useful than others…), and I think it’s a model we will continue with.

The advantages are that each student can learn at their own pace, and can watch over and over if needed, or stop and rewind, without feeling self-conscious about not getting it as fast as everyone else.

I shall keep you posted about future developments 🙂


3 responses to “Flipping Y12 Further Maths

  1. riley_ed says:

    Great post. I think at A Level the benefits of a ‘Flipped Classroom’ would really be maximised (I haven’t taught it yet). We are looking at building a catalogue of videos for each part of the A Level syllabus ahead of a possible iPad 1:1 scheme next year.

    I would recommend trying to do a trial comparing student engagement with the videos when the content has been made by you versus external content, as I found my students were far more likely to watch videos created by me – even with my painfully monotonous tones.

    Edmodo is great and does pretty much everything you would want from your VLE. I particularly enjoy the Parental Code option – even the treat of it is enough to prevent any dodgy behaviour going on. Cheers for the link by the way, I’d come across that guy on YouTube but hadn’t seen that site.

  2. He’s an ex-colleague – really knows his stuff 🙂
    As his NQT mentor, he taught me a thing or two about A Level maths!!

    I’m trialling using an iPad myself (although I haven’t got round to ‘projecting it’ yet, just using it as a planner, access to edmodo, and then looking up stuff when needed, like the difference between parabolas, hyperbolas and ellipses as conic sections, which is best explained visually!)
    I’ve found it really great that they can get edmodo as an app on both iOS and Android, so they can get it straight on their phones. I know that whatever I send gets to them pretty much immediately 🙂

    The sixth form will be able to ‘buy’ an iPad in september as a pay-monthly deal from school, so I hope to be able to do lots more with them then. I also plan to get myself an iPad (3) then too, as I’m currently using my hubby’s discarded iPad1!

    I need to experiment with apps like ‘explain everything’ to record stuff, although we are getting a star observation thingy that means we can video ourselves teaching – might be another possibility….

    I’m also planning to use iBooks author on the mac to create a pdf/iBooks version of the ‘Numpties Guide to Core x’ that I’ve done for each of their modules so far, as I think it will be a vast improvement on the paper version. That way, they can access them on their own device, unless they desperately want a paper version.

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