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Do something that scares you!

on March 2, 2012

Hello, good evening, and welcome to this, my inaugural blog.

My name is Emily Hughes, and I’m a maths teacher, mum, website creator ( and current Twitter addict.

I’ve only recently started using Twitter after realising quite how many inspirational maths teachers are on there, sharing ideas and resources, but over the last couple of weeks I have seen so many inspirational blogs by others, sharing ‘outside the box’ teaching ideas, that I found myself thinking “I should do that too…”

As soon as the thought hit me, my scaredy-cat brain kicked in with a million reasons why I shouldn’t do it – it’ll take up too much time, I’ll have to actually start doing these innovative lessons that push boundaries on a regular basis, not just when a moment of inspiration happens to hit, etc, etc.  I’ve obviously decided however to overrule my common sense nerves and go ahead and do it anyway!

My thoughts on Maths teaching:

  • If students enjoy it, then they are more likely to want to learn, and less likely to mess around .
  • If I enjoy it, I’m more likely to stay (relatively) sane, and happiness tends to be infectious 🙂
  • If I always do things the way I’ve always done things before, then I’ll always get the same results I did before… How on earth can I improve like that?
  • Students are people too – we’ve all had bad days, where we carry our mood round with us – someone having a go at you is not likely to snap you out of your mood, but a smile might…
  • Even the most motivated, enthusiastic of us will struggle to concentrate when someone is talking at us for ages and ages and ages… (as one student explained to me – “when Mrs X talks, it’s like Homer Simpson – I get the little monkey clanging his cymbals in my head!” – and he’s an A-level student!)
  • You learn more by discovery than by instruction. (“Give a man a fish…” and all that.)

I could go on for a while (ask any of my colleagues…) but I shall stop there.  For now.   I’ll be back soon with some tales from the classroom – the tale of Y8 and the biased questionnaire perhaps…  Before I go though, I’d like to encourage you to do something that scares you too – it might turn out to be less frightening than you thought!


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